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Thread: Meet Results Video. #1 Ranking in 198 Multiply

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    Meet Results Video. #1 Ranking in 198 Multiply

    Competed this past weekend at the RPS South Jersy Rumble. After having major shirt issues and not putting a shirt on (which was borrowed) 3 weeks before the meet, was still able to pull out enough to secure the #1 overall spot on PL Watch. 3/3 on squats, easy bench opener of 585, but got called for butt lift on 605, then got out of groove on third. Pulls was only able to muster a 620. Missed 650 due to a little hitching. Thanks goes to my team Jersey Iron and my coach Tone Barbaccio for helping me get to this point.
    198/220 Pro
    Currenty ranked #1 198 Multiply
    Best meet lifts @220 840/650/575
    Best meet lifts @198 875/585/630
    Best Raw Lifts @198 650/425/575

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    Best raw meet lifts
    Squat:765 with wraps. / 700 raw with out wraps
    Bench: 525
    Deadlift: 755
    Total: Raw with wraps: 2000. with out wraps: 1925

    Best lifts Equipped
    1050, 840, 715. Total: 2605

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    Congrats B!!!
    My Training Log
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    Training by Tone Barbaccio
    New Dimensions Wellness & Education

    Best geared meet @ 242
    1030SQ, 640BP, 685DL and 2355 total
    Best raw meet w/sleeves @ 242
    665SQ, 440BP, 727DL and 1815 total
    Best raw meet w/sleeves @ 275
    700SQ, 452BP, 722DL and 1874 total

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    Great job!

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