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Thread: BB Bench

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    BB Bench

    Me and a friend are following a routine that includes BB bench. My friend doesn't want to do it though, because he reckons it'd be better to do DB bench.
    At the moment we are doing:
    BB Bench 10,10,10,10
    Incline DB Bench 12,10,8,6

    Basically, the question i'm asking is; what does BB bench have over DB bench for strength and size? Why not just do DB?

    (I think that its best to use variation, but he reckons its a bit pointless.)
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    You can make gains in strength and size from either movement. Some people swear by one while others swear by the other. I think if you're making progress dont screw with it till it stops or slows up.

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    Well for me, I make better gains with BB bench btu I tend to build my right side more than my left so every few weeks I switch to DB bench to even myself out and get the symmetry back. But I agree with sysopt that you should do whatever works best for u and don't change till u feel u plateau.
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    With a BB bench, you can focus more on generating explosive power and generally go a bit heavier because you don't have to work as hard to stabilize the weight.

    With DB bench, you get the benefit of the stabilization-work, and I also beleive you can usually get a bit better ROM through the exercise.

    Doing 'em both is a good idea though, IMHO.


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