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Thread: Ok Question!!!

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    Ok Question!!!

    ok,, umm rite now im about 6'1 and 204 lbs
    and rite now i want to get skinnier maybe weight about 180?(anythin under 200 would be superb, since i am lighter right now then when i was 14 years old, currently 20 years old) and have a nicer lookin toned body.. rite now its complete BLAAHHHH
    so would doing the wbb routine and cardio before and after each workout and also eating right a good way to go?
    or is there a better way?
    such as stickin to a lot of cardio and rarely lifting?

    also rite now i take hydroxy cut, is that okay?
    it helped me lose a lot of weight.. but i feel like im cheating taking those.. but i did jog quite frequently

    im not really trying to be super buff but jus want to get cut/lower bf %..
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    Lift. You can lose a lot of fat and still look "blah" if you have no shape to your muscles. How do we get shape? By lifting weights. Keep up the cardio, too, but do it after you lift.

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    is it bad to do it before lifting.. if so.. y?
    rite now i jus ride the bike for 5 miles before working out.. mite not seem much...
    and after workout i go on treadmill for about 1.5 miles and go back on bike for about 3-4 miles... yea mite not seem much
    remember.. my goal is to lose weight/fat.. so......

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    Personally I would reserve cardio for off days from lifting and or a few (read:10-15) minutes post workout. If you do it before a workout, you will be low on energy for your lifting.
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