I am doing WBB #1 and I guess I hadn't read the shoulders day closely because I went to do them and I was like "wait a minute, Rack Standing Military Press??". I was hoping for seated military because it's a strong movement for me. I can get reps with 225 going down even with my ears.

Anyway, the rack was being used so I did them in a squat rack. I didn't like this much as when I was done a set I had to lower the weight onto my traps to put it back in the rack and this is way to low and puts a lot of preassure on your joints. My left shoulder, especially, was making unhealthy noises.

So, after all that history...... what I'd like to know is the correct form for doing Standing Military Press in the Rack. I've done them standing before but only on light day with like 80-100lbs.

Should I be putting the bars in the rack close to the height I want to go down to and doing them that way? <== does what I just said make sense. You know what bars I am talking about, the ones you slide in to make sure you don't go below that point.

Anyway, any pointers would be appreciated.