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Thread: Training.....Help!!!

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    I need advise from a trainer prefferably but I guess it doesn't matter....I am new to this training thing and I have got so much info of the web that now I am over informed. I dont know which articles to believe or which one would be better to follow? I really need a personal trainer but dont have the money for that. I was hoping some of you would be able to give me pointers on any area of the subject training. My hubby tells me to workout everyday twice a day...I think this will be over training. I am taking a few supplements, protein and glutamine... do I need creatine also? I also run for 30 min in the morning and the evening. And do a aerobic video 3 times a week in the afternoon. Do you think this is too much cardio? Sorry so many questions...I just want the best for my body and awesome results....
    If any body can help....please write me....

    Girljoy ;-)

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    Albuquerque eh? Didn't you lot try to steal the isotopes?...

    It depends upon your goals Girljoy, although i wouldn't recommend training twice a day every day unless you're in precontest prep and even then it is not necessary.

    What kind of training are you doing? and what are your goals?

    P.S. Was 'Girlgoy' a typo?
    "Geordie/'d3c:di/n. & adj. Brit colloq. n. 1 a native of Tyneside. 2 the dialect spoken on Tyneside. adj. of or relating to Tyneside, its people, or its dialect. [the name George + -IE]

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    Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy

    P.S. Was 'Girlgoy' a typo?
    lol CD, I was thinking the exact same thing.
    "They will spend their nights dreaming of six-pack
    abs and a rock hard physique, little do they realize eventually we will reach
    our goal and they will be dreaming of the body we walk around with every
    dayÖonly then will they understand." -- Severed Ties

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    odd, another new mexican. where do you train at in Albuquerque?

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    Hey welcome to the forums !

    As Chicken Daddy said what are your goals and what is your current situation?

    I.,e whats your weight, age and bf and what do you want to achieve?

    Also what exactlky are you doing right now ?

    How are you eating and training ? Routine and foods etc...

    If we know what you are doing and what you want to achieve people can help you better

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