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    hi, i need help in getting a good abs routine to overload my abs to get that 6 packs,
    i am currently at 10%bf and i am showing a 6 packs but not very defined and cizeled , i am training my abs once or twice a week :
    cable crunches : 2sets 15reps
    crunches(weighted):2sets to failure
    reverse crunches(Weighted):1set to failure
    leg raise(weighted):2sets to failure
    and is it normal that the lower abs (i mean the squares) are much bigger then the upper one? i mean they are like huge at the end of my stomach then start getting smaller while coming up(under my chest)

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    Want better definition on your six pack? Lower your body fat.

    No magical exercise will all the sudden make them more visible. Your routine for them is already fine, just continue progressing and they will grow stronger and bigger.. but you will always have that little bit hidden beneath fat until you lose the fat on top of them.

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    gotta shed that layer of fat to get your abs better, your ab routine is fine, keep it up.
    "Plan for difficulty when it is still easy, do the great when it is still small."
    -Tao Te Ching

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