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Thread: How Do YOu DO These Westside Lifts?

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    How Do YOu DO These Westside Lifts?

    For Westside training purposes, can someone tell me what a board press, a floor press, and a zercher squat are? Thanks.
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    goto and then goto the "ask dave" section... then click on the exercise index in the left pane..... there you will find info on almost every westside lift.... more important is not what they are... but how to execute them in good form and how fast todo them, etc... repost with new questions once u've read that stuff.... also read the articles, especially the stuff by dave tate and louie...

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    A lot of the photos are not there.

    A board press is a flat bench press done with boards (2x6's) on your chest to shorten the ROM.

    A floor press is a bench press without the bench. Lay on the floor, and lower the wieght until your upper arms are on teh floor, then press back up.

    A Zercher squat is a squat where the bar is carried in the crook of your elbows.
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