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Thread: Diet advice for friend needed

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    A friend of mine recently asked me about the Ketogenic diet, as a means to losing bodyfat. Anyway this bloke has an average Jo physique, in his early 30's and stated that he still want to eat normal food that all off his family can enjoy (as they are on budget).

    Would it be advisable for him to try a keto diet or some other means to losing the body fat or would be better for him to gain a certain degree of muscle before attempting to shed the fat?

    Cheers in advance
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    click the thread, "hey kAto" and click on the link
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    Honestly? your friend doesn't sound hardcore. tell him to work out and lift weights and eat healthy foods in sensible portions. A keto and a family on a budget = a pain in the azz for wifey, and kiddies.
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    True dat.

    'sides, strip the fat off "average Joe", and you've got "average scrawny Joe".

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