My lower back has always been a problem area for me. I pull those muscles very easily, even while doing routine things like bending over to pick something up or tying my shoes. In fact, my lower back muscles pull so easily that i've strained them twice in the last month (i've pulled them twice in the same month once before as well, while not even weight training).

I'm hoping that someone out there has some really good stretches and/or warmups for the lower back. As i said, this has always been a problem area for me but now it's severely affecting my days in the gym. I do all the "generic" back stretches like holding onto the vertical beam of the squat rack and bending at the knees (hard one to describe). I do a stretch that looks like i'm praying to mecca (on my knees, chest pressed against my thighs), and another where i lay in the shape of a T and then pull my right knee towards my left hand and vice-versa. I've also started to do back bridging as well in hopes that it will loosen up my lower vertebrae and keep my muscles limber.

These seem to be the staple stretches for the lower back but, apparently, they are not enough since i continue to have problems. Does anyone out there have any other really, REALLY good stretches that i can try? Perhaps some suggestions on books or a yoga-type routine? Has anyone tried Combat Stretching by Matt Furey? I really need to solve this problem before i'll be able to squat to my full potential.