The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Jan 2002

    A newbie, but hey ill try Journal! If your journal and goals are like mine PM me

    Im currently about 172 at 5' 11" probably about 13% (kinda see abs) and pretty small, (one exception calves are big lol)

    I am starting to post this for a few reasons, so I can keep my decisions on my mind and so hopefully some of you will see what im doing and offer suggestions.

    I have been trying to gain weight and therefore have been eating a ton, I haven't however been eating clean (junk, fast food, MRP's etc) enough. I am going to look into a routinue or technique HST vs HIT etc... I have just been lifting heavy and hard... I guess it will all be on here in the days to come.

    FYI I gained nearly 10 pounds this month and I am at about the same body fat % despite 30 Quater Pounders. But dont worry I am going to try and cut that out!

    I was out late with the girl yesterday so I woke up at 1:30

    2:00 Breakfast
    2 Large glasses of apple juice
    NLarge2 with Milk

    3:00 Back (very crappy quick shitty short workout)
    Wide Grip Pull Down: 12 * 90, 10 * 100, 8 * 100
    Seated Row / Bent Over Row: (10 * 90 / 10 * 45), (10 * 100 / 6 8 45), (6 * 100 / 6 *45)

    4:00 Meal
    2 large chicken breasts with salsa
    1 litre water
    1 diet coke

    5:30 Meal
    1 Large Steak
    3/4 of a potato
    1/2 cup mixed veggies
    3 Fried Mushrooms
    1 Large Glass Milk

    7:00 Sugarl
    Big Bowl Of Ice Cream

    9:30 Meal (MPR)l
    Nlarge2 With Milk

    Today was a terrible excuse for a workout I hate doing back, and I just wasn't in the right mindset, I will have to make up for it with protein

    Well Im off to bed, tommorow is chest it will be fun. I can't wait. I will be adding personal and lifestyle goals to this journal as well (tommorow or in the near future) keep your eyes open for it.

    If anyone else is in a similar position as me 5'10 - 5'11 about 170 and trying to gain weight PM and well be journal buddies.
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    Oakville, Ontario
    Good luck on your quest to get big. It's been since I've been able to sleep in until 1:30 - well done.

    Me /pwn1ng by Xian Rookie's journal Rookie's Picture Thread

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    1:30 AM (woke up)
    1 Large glass apple juice

    7:30 AM Breakfast
    Nlarge2 Gainer with Milk

    10:00 AM Snackt
    Ham Sanwich
    1/8 cup pumpkin seeds (salted)

    12:00 PM Lunch
    12" Steack and Cheese Sub
    2 McDonalds Cheesebugers

    4:00 Snackt
    Protein Bar (360 Cals)

    4:01 Chest and Shoulders
    DB Bench Press 10 * 25, 10* 40, 8 * 45, 7 * 40
    Flys 12 * 20, 8 * 25, 8 * 25
    Incline DB Press 10 * 25, 8 *30, 8 * 30
    DB Shoulder Press 8 * 25, 8 * 25, 6 * 25
    Upright Row 12 * 50, 10 * 50
    Shrugs (right shoulder only) 15 * 45, 12 * 50

    Well I did the 45's on DB bench 1 month ago I was doing 25's

    Im gonna flip a coin heads I go eat, tails I go nap
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    imo...i would move the shrugs and rows to back the traps are part of the back...and maybe throw in a lateral raise for your shoulders.
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    I'm glad to see another newbie journal here. I'm kind of in the same position you are. Started lifting a few months ago, 5'7" 145 lb, trying to gain some LBM. Check out my journal if you get a chance.

    My suggestion to you is to ditch the pec flys, they are more of an advanced exercise for isolating the pecs, not really something you would want to do to gain mass. Replace them with with a rear-delt exercise. I use the fly machine that adjusts so I do it backwards, you could also acomplish this with a bent over DB rear lateral raise. Alot of people neglect this muscle and as a result their shoulders look lopsided with large front delts but no rear. And as pup said, lateral raise for your side delts and that will cover all you need of that muscle group. I have shoulders on my own day because they are so important to me, but thats just me.

    Anyways, hope you stick with it, I need other newbie journals to read and measure myself to. Looking good so far, if you could list your entire routine if you have one planned out.
    My Fitday Journal
    My WBB Journal

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    Thanks for all the advice, had some rocky times the past two weeks. Had to beglect the computer and spent very limited time in the gym. I am back now and will be back to posting.
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    Jan 2002
    4:01 Chest and Shoulders
    Dumbell Curl 12 * 25, 7 * 25, 6 * 25
    Hammer Curl 12 * 20, 9 * 20, 6 * 20
    Preacher Curl (barbell) 12 * 30, 10 * 30, 10 * 30
    Dumbell Extension 14 * 35, 12 * 40
    Canle Pulldowns 12 * ?, 10 * ?, 10 * ?
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