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    My workout plan is this
    monday - arms
    tuesday - chest, back
    wednesday - shoulders
    thursday - legs
    friday - back to arms
    sat - rest
    sun - rest

    .......can i get some input on whether i should stick with this or start doin one body part a day?

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    Not a very good plan if you ask me...

    When designing a split think about push and pull muscles..

    Push muscles = chest/shoulders and triceps...
    Pull muscles = back/biceps

    Then you have legs too.......

    Now for your muscles to recover you need to give them time to recover... So lets take your triceps.. You train them in your routine on monday... So no tuesday they are just wanting some time to recover.. Whne you train chest you use your tricpes a lot.. So on tuesday you hit them again ! Then on your shoulder workout you asre putting the triceps under stress !! Basically how can your push muscles grow, they ahve no time to !!

    Also you train your biceps on Monday and this WILL effect your back routine as biceps are used here.. You will overtrain your biceps and your back workout will be affected too !

    heres my current split. It puts all push and pull muscles together..

    Day 1 : legs
    Day 2 : off
    Day 3 : shest/shoulders and triceps
    Day 4 : off
    Day 5 : back/biceps/abs
    Day 6 and 7 off....

    You cuold also take a look at

    This arranges things a bit different but still allows adequate recovery time..

    Hope that helps..

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    That is one dumb program bro..follow Hulks program and you won't go far wrong . Although personally I don't put shoulders with chest.

    Good luck...

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    For awhile I was doing one bodypart a day. It looked something like...

    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Delts/Traps
    Saturday: Arms
    Sunday: Rest

    Then repeat...

    "Success is never behind you, it is always, always in front of you."

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