Compound movements...give me a real whoosh. Squats, deads, bench, I've also been interested in cleaning.

I've really been thinking about my sticks, and since I cant get them to grow from hitting them directly, has anyone heard of indirectly training the arms through compound movements and the results thereof? I've got a lot of angst...sometimes I just feel like bursting out with every muscle in my body, not just two or four, you know? With a body as screwed up as mine, I dont think that isolation exercises are doing the trick.

I have been giving serious thought to focusing on powerlifting moves; since I have been doing heavy deadlifts and upright rows, heavier squats, I leave the gym feeling like I've really done some good work. If I dont do these exercises, I really dont feel like I've done much. Could someone suggest a routine for me based around these compound movements?