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Thread: anybody read mens health august issue?

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    anybody read mens health august issue?

    they have a routine on working out the abs, it has a lot of various types of workouts that doesnt jus focus on abs such as bench press..
    did any1 read this? and think its good?
    also since im new to the lifting scene... is mens health a good source of information?

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    I hate Men's Health, I'd rather read Musclemag (you won't get this joke cuz yer new ) than read Men's Health.

    Abs are just another muscle. Train them hard once a week and they'll respond like another muscle.

    I say 2 sets of weighted crunches and one set for lower abs (hanging or lying leg raises) is all you really need.

    I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion on ab work, so I will say now, this is my opinion, not FACT
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    push ups seem to effect the abs, although not directly stimulating them....i guess this happens due to your body needing to keep straight. not camel push ups or sagging push ups... yea, i have recently discovered weighted crunches, a few weighted crunhces seem to cause as much or more of a burn as 50-100 normal crunches...

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    read this article for good info on working abs and a solid routine.
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    Men's Health is hilarious. Every single issue is the same:

    1) A badly-designed training program for some body part (Get Big Guns NOW!!)
    2) a bunch of sound-bite type snippets of current news regarding health and fitness
    3) A profile of some schlep that got into shape
    4) An article of a sexual nature (How to Give Her The Best Orgasms of Her Life!!!)
    5) Lots of ads for crap you don't need.

    There is such a high degree of homogeneity across mens magazines its scary, really . . .

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    Boy's Life has some good reads in it.

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    mens health is a very entertaining mag, if you want a laugh me reap of what I sow....

    and BOOM goes the dynomite!

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    Men's Health mainly focuses on
    1. abs
    2. chest
    3. biceps.

    That would be the day when the "Men's Health" models showed us how to do the proper Deadlift. A men's fitness model is more likely to say, "Oh wait! Deadlifts would make my perfect-baby-bottom-smooth hands get callused, and my girl wouldn't want that. I'll just do abs and cardio."
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    HA! Men's Health is my favorite comic book! I love the gimmicks and tricks you get from the back of it every month. Man, once I got these sea monkeys, and I swear to God, they got so big I feared for my life and had to give them the chair. Honest to God almighty in heaven, they were at least 30lbs each. The trick is to feed them beef.

    I had a buddy who brought sea monkeys to school once, we dyed his blue and mine red and had them fight it out in an aquarium that was shaped like eastern Europe, I swear to God.



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