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    Sunday 18th August - 18/8/02 - Legs and Abs

    Sunday 18th August - 18/8/02 - Legs and Abs

    Sleep was crappy, sister came over with baby, and I all heard was blah blah thoughout the night ...

    Well it seems like I'm not overtrained - because today's workout felt pretty good. Lower back, hamstrings and glutes were aching from the Bent over rows though...I really do need to switch to Incline bench supprted dumbell rows!

    Well bad thing was the workout length today - 2hours!! I tried a lot of exercises, but in all I'm happy with how it went. Don't feel wasted either. But man is my lower back, glutes and hammies gonna have some major DOMS tommorrow!

    Workout time - 2 hours


    Basic light weights and dynamic stretches. I did some light bar Hang Cleans, Hang Snatches

    Olympic lifts

    I did the usual pyramid up in poundages in my OL.

    didn't rest as much 1.5 to 2 mins

    Hang Snatch 3x3 65lbs, 75lbs, 80lbs
    Power Snatch 3x3 95lbs, 2 sets of 105lbs
    Hang clean 3x3 115lbs, 135lbs for 2 sets
    Power Clean 3x3 135lbs, 155lbs for 2sets
    Clean pull to sternum 2x3 205lbs

    High Bar Full Back Squats

    5 warm up sets - BARx10, 95x8, 135x6, 185x5, 205x3

    Well I did Squats with my new form today, More knee bend
    and it feels really good, much more solid and stable feeling than my old Hip back method. Much more Quad simulation now
    and less lower back and hip stress.

    I spent more time warming up - felt good!

    1x4 230lbs Tempo 3121, 3 mins rest
    1x4 230lbs Tempo 20X1

    Full Front Squat - Olympic Grip

    1x5 190lbs Tempo 3120

    Felt good and grunted on last rep - almost failed
    Damn someone waiting so only did 1 set.
    No matter my quads are way more fatigued now with the new back squat form.

    Snatch Deadlift on podium

    Trying out this exercise for teh first time
    Used the lowest setting on the supports so my stance was exactly like a Full squat - butt about 4-6 inches off the podium
    I keep the bar real close, scrapping the body, and I exploded onto my toes and shrugged the bar. Almost like a Snatch Pull
    Should help beef up my calves and traps too.

    1x5 135lbs Tempo 41X1 1 min rest
    2x5 185lbs

    Huge pump in my quads, hammies and lower back!
    Good exercise

    Glute Ham Raise on the Floor

    2x6 Bodyweight tempo 30X0 1 mins rest

    Rounded back Romanian Deadlifts

    2x6 150lbs tempo 31X1 1 mins rest

    Well I did with a roudned back without noticing for a sec, and wondered why I could touch the podium supports...

    Hanging Leg raise curlups

    2x8 Bodyweight 2011 1 mins rest

    Single Leg Dumbell Calf Raise

    3x8 6kg Tempo 32X2 1 mins rest

    Reverse Hypers

    2x7 Bodyweight Tempo 2222

    Just to unload the spine and flush blood into lower back
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