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    Wednesday 4th August - 4/09/02 - Shoulders and Arms

    Wednesday 4th August - 4/09/02 - Shoulders and Arms

    More sleep = Good workout!

    I even took a 1 hour nap beofre I went to the gym
    Arms and shoulders are definitely coming way up!

    Workout time - 1.25 hours


    As per usual I start with light hang cleans and hang snatches

    Clean Grip Hang Snatch

    Rest between sets 2 mins


    Interesting exercise - it works both pushing and pulling muscles!
    I can feel it in my chest too, and in fact the entire body is used.

    Single Arm Dumbell Leaning Press

    Warmups - 4kgx6, 20lbsx6, 40lbsx6

    3x4 70lbs Tempo 30X0 Rest 1.5mins between each side

    3x5 for next workout

    Clean Grip Upright Row to Sternum

    warmup - 1x6 45lbs, 1x6 65lbs,

    3x6 100lbs 20X0 Rest - see below

    Up 5lbs next workout

    I alternated these with the Tricep Extensions - 1.5 mins rest between each set of each exercise

    Decline Dual Dumbell Tricep Extensions

    warmup 15lbsx6

    5x5 45lbs Tempo 30X1 Rest - As above

    I got all my sets and reps, but I changed my form on the last set and it felt much harder with greater stretch, so I'll stick with this weight next workout and switch to the new form.

    Barbell Curls

    Warmup 45x6, 65x6

    3x5 85lbs Tempo 30X0 Rest - See below

    Staying here till I can do 5x5

    I alternated these with the toe raises - 1.5mins rest between each set of each exercise

    Toes raises

    Warmup - BW

    3x10 30lb Barbell+5lbs Tempo 3121 Rest - See above

    Up 2.5lbs next workout
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