The short version:

Trained legs last week. Finished with direct abs (something I started doing this year). Felt great as usual. While in the shower I felt a 'water balloon' above my belly button. Abdominal hernia. Surgery July 8th. In the hospital for 4 or 5 days (It's Japan...). Doc said it wasn't an emergency. It falls back in when I'm on my back.

While walking around to different parts of the hospital to get my pre-op tests done, I fell and snapped part of my pinky finger. Didn't realize it was broken (Piece of the joint area, not sure what it's called). Choices, surgery or less flexibility in the pinky. Doc said he wouldn't advise surgery since it's not a 'main' finger and that half of all surgeons would not actual do the op. He said there was also a possibility that with surgery it would get worse. So now it's in a mini cast/wrap.

Doc said I could go to the gym so long as I didn't put too much pressure on my abs/core. No direct ab training and no heavy legs. He said 'listen to your body' and that if I start to feel nauseous that I go to the ER.

I want to keep my muscles 'stimulated' and reduce muscle loss. I also figured I'd add more HIIT and try to shed as much weight (fat) as possible before surgery. I was in the gym today and could do some basic lifts on machines, but without a proper grip was limited to push exercises. Hopefully Friday my pinky cast gets taken off.

As far as diet, I'm going to try lean gains. I've been doing it just 2 days now. Seems to be something I can do. I'm still reading more on it. Still any info from WBB would be great.