Did board presses for the first time today and they felt pretty good. Aside from some form problems, bad spotting, and getting used to the increased weight the day went fairly well.

I no longer post in my journal, so decided to post this here

Here is how today went

3 board press
265x1 very easy
300x1 still very easy
315x1 easy
325x1 easy
335x1 little heavy going down, but went up easy
345xmiss damn spotter toughed the bar as I was going up, would have probably got it.
345xmiss felt shakey right from the lift off, felt very heavy, brought the bar way to high on the board and couldn't even move the bar a little.
295x3 all three reps went up easy

i really liked these, especially since i have strong triceps, and short arms. I feel I could do alot more once i get used to the weight and get them form down right.