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Thread: goodmornings or badmornings ?

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    goodmornings or badmornings ?

    Did my back routine last night , which includes 4 sets of goodmornings, didn't get much burn on the muscles at the time (although i suppose it is a large area) but this morning my back muscles feel really worked and firmer than usual.

    I wonder how u guys rate goodmornings as i have only just introduced them to my routine ?

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    I think that good mornings are one of the best exercises for strengthening the posterior chain(low back,glutes,hams).They have been a tremendous help in strengthening my squats and deadlifts.Just remember to use 100% concentration on these.
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    I do them on leg day. I love em. Be careful with form. Don't worry about burning in the muscle, that's just a buildup of lactic acid which blocks muscle growth.


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