You will need:

2 cans tuna
1 pickle (dill or sweet)
~4 tbs low fat mayo
3 hard boiled eggs
1 celery stalk
Johnnys seasoning salt (or just salt/pepper)
Medium Cheddar cheese
Romain Lettuce

Do the usual by mixing up the tuna and mayo, then add in diced pickle and celery. With the eggs, remove the yolk if you wish and dice up the egg. Mix together and add seasoning salt as you wish- I just do several shakes, mix everything, add a little more, and mix again.

This is best to make the night before and refridgerate to let the seasoning absorbe into the tuna a little better.

To make the sandwich slap the mix on two pieces of large loaf bread, add the lettuce and cheese, and you're on you're way to a great protein filled meal. With the bread I buy (Orowheat 12 grain) I can fit the whole thing in two sandwhiches that I eat an hour or so apart at work.

I'll add nutrition facts later... I'm too tired and lazy to add it up.