It seems that I've been proven wrong,that not all AAS users are stuck up snobs.Today at the gym while I was having my shoulder and traps workout I spot this huge guy working out and I think to myself "This is one huge guy,he uses AAS but huge none the less"Anyway he asks me where the gym's standing calf machine was since he's only visiting Winnipeg & didn't really know his way around the gym.To finish the story after my workout was done I started to talk to him again in the change room and asked him what his height and weight is.He told me he's 5'11 240lbs,so I ask him in a respectful tone if he uses AAS and he tells me that he's been bodybuilding for 12 years & did use AAS for about 2-3 years but for personal reasons decided to stop.I thanked him for being so honest and told him that it actually refreshing to meet a serious bodybuilder who has done AAS and is not stuck up and is honest about his use.Who knows maybe I'll be fortunate someday to meet another bodybuilder like that someday