I was supposed to start a new job at GNC this weekend. I was promised the job almost two weeks ago, and told I could start as soon as Left my old job. I gave my supervisors the customary 2 weeks notice or till they found a replacement for me. They found one and I quit my job this last weekend. I was supposed to start this weekend I was already scheduled for the next two weeks. I get a call today saying that Someone requested a transfer from another GNC, and that I was no longer needed. Needless to say that I am pissed.

not getting the job doesn't piss me off as much as how it was handled.

1. I was promised the job, I was told the job was mine.
2.I quit my job, knowing that I had this job
3.I cannot go back to my old job, because the position has been filled.
4. I cannot collect unemployment, because I voluntarily quit.
5. I was not warned that this was a possibility.
6.The manager did not tell me, they had a sales assiociate tell me over the phone.

I would not be pissed had they not told me the job was mine.