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Thread: Pull-up Help...

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    Pull-up Help...

    I have never really heard anyone every brag about how much weight they can do on a pull up or anything, so I don't know what's good or not. I am 16, 5' 9", 145 lbs and I can do about 5 pull-ups with an extra 75 lbs strapped on, 30 some pull-ups without any weight. Is this any good? I think it is cuz I have some pretty big lats...but I'm just checkin...Thanks!

    P.S. Pull-ups with palms facing AWAY from me.

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    for your age i think that good

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    j/k. You're pulling some serious weight there.

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    +75x5 is pretty good.
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    I have done 80lbs slow style palms away, when I was 19 - 2 secs up 4 secs down for 10 reps! But I weighed 155lbs then, a bit harder now at 192 - damn struggling as it is with bodyweight!
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    I am 12 years old 6'10'' 300 pounds and can pull up + 3 plates for 20 reps...An yeah I am not bragging, I think its some decent weight for my age what do you think??

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    the_T_man, considering 70% of the male population can't do a single pullup of their own bodyweight
    yeah, your doing a good amount there.

    'm 26 now, but when I was 20 I got into a routine where I did 9 sets of 10 pullups with no weight and a 1 min break between sets...that gave me real big lats real fast.

    I hadn't done pullups till about a month or two ago (for no reason) and I hopped on and found I can do 2-3 sets of 18-20 with a one minute break.

    I just started experimenting with weights and now use a 55lb db between my feet and do 2-3 sets of 10 with it....

    but I'm not very big
    I think a "big/strong/fit" person could probably do 100x10 for 2-3 sets.
    then I'd be happy.
    But heck, I said that the day I could do 3 sets of OH press with 65's was the day that I was strong and now I can do 70' don't listen to me...I have a long way to go


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