Hey guys, Ive been suffering from a slipped disk injury for quite a long time now, and after osteotherapy im better but not 100% ok.

I am a bit cautious with the exercises i perform, and dont include some exercises in my workouts such as squats/deadlifts, as i believe they will cause damage to my back, due to the injury.

As ive mentioned, I dont do squats, and I think the current exercises I do are not enough to build big legs.

The exercises I do are:

Leg extensions
Leg curls
standing leg curls
seated calf raises
seated inner thighs (not sure what theyre properly called)
seated outer thighs (not sure what theyre properly called)

I do 4 sets of 8 on each exercise.

I particularly think that my quads arent getting enough exercise to stimulate growth, and I would like to ask if anyone has any suggestions for any other exercises I can include in my workout (not squats/hack squats) to further stress my quad muscles.

Before doing leg extensions I also spend about 10 mins on the bike in order to work my quads a bit, but i dont feel theyre working as hard as they should with the current exercises.

Lastly, are seated calf raises enough for calf development, or should i do standing calf raises as well?