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Thread: Cutting and Bulking is it either or when are you just maintaing

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    Cutting and Bulking is it either or when are you just maintaing

    I was wondering I have not herd this before. I understand the concept of buliking and cutting, but is this constant I mean if im cutting and i get to the fat percentage I want do I bulk fore ever. Or is there a point were you maintain your normal diet and routine. I have some fat to lose yet so I gues I should not consider bulking until I get the point of my wanted fat percentage? or is it a constant cycle cutt bulk cutt bulk?
    Age 23 Height 5'10 weight 210 2 years complete of serious lifting.
    At 5'10" last Jan/02 I was 280 Lbs with a 44 waist.
    Now as of Dec/02 I am 210 with a 34-36 waist. A year complete 70 pounds lost now lets get big .
    Goal Deadlift 500 by summer now..
    02/10/03 405X3 425X1
    02/17/03 435X1
    02/24/03 445X1
    03/03/03 455X1
    03/10/03 455X3 "rack pull" 500X1 "rack pull MISS"
    03/17/03 405X6, "Rack Pulls 505X3, 525X1.... 555X1 Miss"
    04/14/03 465X1 verry difficult
    05/12/03 475X1 Easy!!! 500X1 Miss"real close"
    05/19/03 435X5
    06/16/03 Rack pulls 555X2, 600Xmiss
    07/14/03 500X1 GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!
    10/06/03 500X4 555X1 Miss
    10/13/03 535X1
    11/10/03 Rack pull 500X7
    GOAL for 2004 get back to a low fat% and keep it 8 -10% would be great.
    06/29 rack pull 700X3
    07/6/04 600x1 at 216
    09/6/04 600X1 at 208 Rack pull 720X3
    NEW GOAL BENCH 400 BY FEB 2005 "not sure about this one"

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    There is what's called maintenance phase where you've gotten to where you want to be and you work your nutritional plan and workout plan accordingly but most of us never feel like we've made to that level or if we do we decide to take it a step further and get even bigger and stronger. But there is nothing wrong with getting to a place you like and maintaining it.
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    sometimes slowly

    My stats:
    Age - 43
    ht - 5' - 7"
    wt - 152 lbs
    bf% - 10.5%
    pipe dream goal 175 lbs @ 10% bf
    making the switch to power lifting

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    you can't diet forever

    your metabolism slows to adapt

    so when you stop dieting if you don't feel the need to bulk then your goal is to eat as much as you can without gaining weight to drive your metabolism

    after a month or two of "maintaining" you go back to cutting

    I know what your saying I'm 250 and not very muscular so I am allready bulked up

    I'm hypothyroid so I can only diet for 12 weeks max and then I go back to eating more

    the good thing is that with the training I don't gain weight I just maintain it but since I am gaining muscle I am losing some fat

    hope that made a little sense

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