ALN has had issues and I decided to give another brand a try. I went with isoflex from allmax. I got the banana and peanut butter chocolate.

First thing I noticed was that with isoflex, it didn't mix as well. It tastes great, but when mixing with yogurt or something other than water, it really takes time. Nitrean is just easier.

I use the EDG Pro for my protein carrying needs. Nitrean would always fall right through without issue. Isoflex required me taking the top off. Using the nozzle was a pain.

While I liked the tastes of isoflex, Nitrean is still on the same level and priced slightly better. The only thing I wish is that there were more flavors. Looking up on some of the popular powders out there I certainly saw some that caught my attention. A larger variety would make day to day protein intake more fun.

So, to finish up, I really enjoyed isoflex (Love peanut butter) but I'm glad I've got my summers worth of Nitrean+ in the kitchen.