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Thread: Losing fat

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    Losing fat

    Hey I need to lose 90 lbs, plain and simple. ONce I get down then i am going to start bulking and cutting again, but I need to get down to 200lbs first. I know I need to eat clean, and do cardio, which I will do. But I was wondering how fast I can safely lose that weight. Key word is safley, I am not going to go extreme here, I jsut need to lose it and I want to lose it safely! Thanks!
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    Drop cals to 500 below maintenance per day.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    try bodyweight x 12 and eat around that.. getting most from protein ... lift weights dont do much cardio just walk briskly for beggining cardio and then work your way up

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    I would say a year is a safe time frame to lose it and keep it off.
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