Hello all,
Over the summer I have been concentrating only on powerlifting. In 2 months I have gained 15lbs. on bench, 30 on DL, and 40, on squat. I am not happy with this. I wanna get better gains than that. My routine is mainly Squat and assitance on Monday, Bench and assistance on wed, and DL and assistance on Friday. I think I need a new routine. Can anyone reccomend some routines that work for them, as far as powerlifting? I have looked at the Westside routine, but there are so many odd lifts that I either can't do, have never heard of, or don't have the proper materials to do them. Can someone please help me? I am going to be on the Varsity powerlifting team this year(as a freshmen), and would like to add about 20-50lbs. to all my lifts over this year. Thanks.