training westside currently.. and i'm wondering how and if it would be possible to incorporate HST principles into the westside assistance work... basically only for the upper body exercises which are hit 1 to 2 times per week (depending on muscle/group).

Would it work to use the 15RM, 10RM, 5RM microcycle within my westside assistance work... on the traditional HST method, 1 to 2 sets are used each session, three times (days) per week. since most of the assistance work is only performed twice per week (per muscle), what would be the ideal set amount... 3 to 4 sets?

I would be training primarily westside with the four days per week (ME S, ME B, DE S, DE B) and would of course leave the ME and DE exercise and methods alone.. but what I'm talkin about is using HST for the assistance work.. is this possible from a scientific/physiological point of view? All you westside and HST gurus ?