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Thread: T-bar & Bent-over Barbell Rows

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    Is having T-bar Rows and Bent Over Barbell Rows together in the same back workout pointless?
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    I would say yes...

    Maybe you could use an nuderhand grip for one and a overhand for the other but its still 2 rowing movements I think one is sufficient..

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    I agree with Hulk, my back routine consists of 1 rowing movement, 1 chinning movement and deadlifts. After them my back is worked to the max!

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    why would you want them both in the same workout? Seems a little overkill to me
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    I do em both, back to back, barbell overhanded, t-bar palms facing.
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    Most people will tell you that it is overkill.

    If you were normally going to do 3 work sets of T-bar rows but instead you did 2 + 1 set of barbell rows, there would be nothing wrong BUT...

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    i would just do one or another, if you dead and do pull ups as well, you definetly do not need both.

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    my gym has a tremendous biangular row machine that does a combination of the two. You can really load up the weight and it is a very natural motion.

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    I would use one for one work out and the other for next weeks session.
    Just to keep your interest going.
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    I would pick one and hit it hard. Like Mac said, you could alternate their use if you would like to use both.

    But, if you look at Dorian, he used many exercises for his back in one session. He did, however, use only 1 set to failure of each. Skip Lacour does a similar back workout.

    I am actually going to split my back workout in two. Workout 1 will be deads, shrugs and grip. Workout 2 will be chins, a row and biceps/forearms.
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