Alright people i really need some brainstorming thoughts here please.

I've experienced this twice before in the last few years. What happens, is i seem to bruise VERY easily on my lower extremities only. The bruises will occur after nothing major has happened such as bumping into something or being hit etc.

Things that I noticed to be incommon during these times were this:
-increased amounts of certain vitamins, mainly vit C
-stricter dieting
(I'm somewhat leaning towards this having to be diet related wether it's a lack of or too much of I'm not sure)

It just seems odd that it's always just in my legs. The one on my outer lower thigh seems to have come from just carrying my gym bag and how it'll bounce into my leg as I walk (which seems rather odd seeing as it is not full of rocks or anything). Then I seem to have been just scrathing my one hip area because it 's been itchy due to increased tanning lately and the scrathing seems to have bruised now as well.

Any got some thoughts here?