Hi, I wanted opinions from others about my next move. I have been training for the past 8 weeks with a westside style of lifting and have been able to get stronger on bench and squat. MY 1rm for bench went from 250lbs to 285lbs in the eight weeks and I also gained about 75lbs on my squat. I now want to work on gaining more mass and plan to work each muscle group once a week with the following split:
day1 Chest
flat benchpress 3x4-6reps
dumbbell benchpress on Incline 3x8-12reps
weighted dips 3x6-8

Day2 back
pullups 3x8-12
dumbbell row 3x6-8
t-bar row 3x-10

Day 3 off

Day 4 Shoulders
dumbbell press 3x6-8
military press 3x6-8
lateral raise 3x10
shrug 3x10

Day5 legs
squat 4x12-15
legpress 4x12-15
leg ext 3x10-12
good morning 4x10-12
leg curls 3x10-12
calf raise 3x12
Day 6 arms
Close grip benchpress 3x6-8
french press 3x6-8
skull crusher 2x6-8
barbell curl 3x6-8
dumbbell hammer curl 3x6-8
preacher curl 2x8-10

day 7 off

I want to do this for about 9 weeks and then go back to westside again. Is this something that looks alright or should I just do something else. I want to try west side again to get more strength so that when I do a more traditional bodybuilding routine I can use more weights. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You guys have helped me out alot already.
thanks. Ps I am 41yr old and have been able to get alot of strength so far and have only been lifting for about two years.