This is my first post ever on wbb and I must say I'm impressed by the knowledge of many of the people on this site. I also have been working out for about 6 years now, but kind of did whatever and didn't have a serious routine. I won't even bother to post my old routines b/c everyone on this board will absolutely rip them to shreads (lots of overtraining, no lower body exercises) Anyways, I'm using wbb routine 1 with some slight modifications. Also, due to the crowdedness of the gym on campus, I'm doing stuff over a 4 day split instead of a 3 day like listed on wbb1.

Currently I'm 5-9 165 with ~7-8% BF. My goal is pretty simple, ,since I lift more so for tone than to get "big", I just would like to keep gaining mass while keeping my bodyfat in the 6-9% range. I'd say I'll be happy if I'm up to 175 with the same bodyfat within the next year. My long-term goal is to be about 190 pounds with 6-9% BF.

I realize that I don't "know it all" and expect to keep learning while I write this. So, I guess I could say to take it easy on me at first!

Here are approxmately my max lifts. I say this because I haven't maxed directly on them lately but used the charts to figure out what my max would be with the reps I used. Deadlifts are new to me so I wouldn't be surprised if I improve on them rapidly at first once I get the technique down
Bench ~ 250 lbs
Squat ~ 300 lbs
Deadlift ~ 330 lbs

That would put me somewhere around 880 combined. I'd like to get that number up to 1,000 in the next year, but 950 is probably a more realistic number to aim for.

As for diet, I will somewhat watch what I eat, but not go all out like many seem to do.

Anyways, here is my current routine:

DB Bench
Hammer Curl
DB Incline Bench
BB Bicep Curl

Hack Squat
Leg Extensions

Smith Machine Military Press
Tricep Pushdown
DB Lateral Raise
DB Press
Tricep Extensions (I don't like the idea of skullcrushers w/o a spotter)

BB Deadlift
SL Deadlift
BB bentover row
Pull Up
Leg Curl