Sunday September 28 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)


BB Deadlift (345/4!) Ten more pounds for the same number of reps. That is 40 pounds improvement in four weeks for the same number of reps! My hands got torn up, but my grip was strong.

SL Deadlift (275/8!)

BB Row (135/7.5!) I upped the weight mainly for easier loading/unloading.

Shrugs (230/11!) I probably should have more weight on these, but I'll just keep upping the weight 10 pounds per week until I can't get as many reps.

Pull Up (BW+15/8) I still can't get that 9th rep, but I am slowing these down and making sure I lower my body until my arms are straight.

Leg Curl (125/8.5!)

Extra Credit Trap workout (~50 pounds of groceries/4 stories) I had to shrug my shoulders up to keep the bags from hitting the steps.

Hot Chicks: One looked really good, but after I finished my last set of deads, she was gone. Therefore, I can't really give a report.

Mysteries: You know what happened a couple of lifters after me on the deadlift rack! Also, there was a guy doing 1/4 ROM push ups at a rapid speed. I found it no surprise that he went on to 1/4 ROM dips right after that. He went down to about where his pelvis was even with his hands.