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Thread: Pulled muscle?

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    Pulled muscle?

    Ok tonight was back night so i did 3 sets of weighted chins followed by 3 sets of deads, 3 sets of bent over bb rows, and 3 sets of t-bar rows. On the t-bar rows i felt a sharp pain in the lower left side of my back right below my waist. I finished out my sets and the pain wasn't too noticable, but during the sets it was annoying. My mom says i probably just pulled something and i was wondering about some of your guy's opinions, i just want to make sure its nothing serious or anything. Thanks.

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    make sure you stretch before you workout, but i hope u already knew that
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    I get that once in awhile in my lower back as well, its probably just a mild sprain. Should be better within a couple days. If pain isnt gone within a couple days just get it checked to be safe before working out again.

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    Interesting topic
    I pulled a back muscle also (well atleast i think i pulled it)

    Its near the center of my back, about 1 1/2 inches to the left hand side of my spine

    Been there for 3 weeks....I'm trying to stay away from things that would put pressure on it, such as when I twist to crack my back. Oddly enough I've been able to lift just fine, but there is still a mild pain depending on how I move the muscle.

    Now 3 weeks is a bit long to have pain....I should prolly see a doctor, but for a mild muscle pull all the doctor is going to say is to get some rest, and stay away from the weights for a bit.

    spl-_373 had it right, if the pain isnt to severe, wait a few days and see what happens....theres no medicine that doctors hand out on a regular basis to make muscle strains/pulls heal faster...just rest


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