So I have been fielded with a ton of questions about my avatar. Heres the deal....

After a discussion with Dan the other day he said I was a pain in the ass, so I decided to change my title. Then I thought I might as well have a matching avatar. So I found this pic of guys standing by a boat all lined up just showing their asses. SO I changed everything, and I found it funny.

I get a PM asking me to remove my avatar because it's considered nudity. So to make my point of how rediculious the rules are, I decided to get a pre-approved ass avatar. Where do you find one of those? In the hotties threads.

*Not I am in no way complaing about the hotties threads, I think it's good that you all look forward to Friday morning*

So I cropped some chicks ass out of a hotties thread and put it up as my avatar. It seems to be fine with everyone. I'm still trying to understand how a strip of cloth riding up her ass makes her not nude, yet my other picture was unacceptable even it wasn't a close up and was fairly descrete. Comments were made about how it would be fine as long as it wasn't a guys ass.... can we say double standard?

Thats all