Last month, I remember I was on my 3rd set on deadlifts doing 315 and put it back on a deadlift rack, a bar that makes changing plates a little easier. I than went to drink some water because deadlifts take a lot out of you. 2 minutes later, I see all my plates on the floor, and replaced with 5 pound plates on each side with a curl jockey doing some barbell curls. I than approached Curl Jockey and asked, "Did you see that I was using this for deadlifts?" after he did his BB curl warmup set. Curl Jockey just said, "You left and someone is already using the squat rack for squats so I am using your rack for some BB curls since it wasn't being used for the past couple of minutes. Besides, I only have 4 more sets so you can wait!" If I wasn't in a good mood, I would of grabbed a 45 plate from the floor and threw it at him. Instead, I grabbed my 6 plates from the ground in a calm fashion, and proceeded to put 8 plates back on another olympia bar I grabbed from the flat bench. I was suprised that a bar was free because mondays are usually chest days. I setup my 405 deadlifts only 2 feet away from where curl jockey was doing his BB curls. I never did 405 deadlifts for reps because I knew my max was 405. With all the anger released on the weights, I deadlifted 405 with good form for 4 reps while keeping eye contact with curl jockey. I can tell curl jockey felt intimidated because he finished his 2nd set early and left the gym early after doing one exercise. I really wanted to thank him for the motivation he gave me, but he was no where to be found. After that, I never saw curl jockey again. Did I approach this situation the wrong way? On the bright side, I took out my anger on the weights and not on curl jockey. I am just curious on what other people might do in this situation.