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    Okay, here are some pictures. The Before pics were taken in April 2002 before I did any weight training. I weighed in around 165.

    The After pics were taken today. I weigh 170lbs. I'm 5'9". I know that I could lose a few more pounds as I have some extra skin around my waist from my 70lbs of weight I lost this past year.

    I look a lot different in the pics than I see myself in the mirror. The improvements I made don't look as good. My arms look a little fat on the bottom but I in fact have ZERO extra skin/fat there when I go and try to grab it.

    You'll see(really you WONT!) I have no abs. Sigh. I hate abs training and neglected them. I am forcing myself to start doing them now.

    NOTE:Whoops! See This thread !! I accidentally started a NEW post instead of posting a reply to the starter thread!

    Anyway, here is picture set #1.
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    Congratulations on your weight loss . . . . Much good luck on your continued development.

    Nice Progress.
    Best Regards,

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