I hope to have a new PR every M.E. workout, and usually do. I won't bore you guys with every one of them, but this one was significant so I will bore you with this one.

I hit a 565 shirt/2board press. For those who are not familiar, this is a bench press where the stroke is shortened by putting 2 two by six's on your chest and bringing the bar down and pausing on the boards rather than the chest. I was wearing my Karin's double denim shirt when I did it.

Best I had done on this exercise previously was a 539 (kilo plates) so I was pretty excited about this PR. 26 lb PR's don't come along just every day. I also had an extremely close miss at 585 off the 2 board as well. I needed a little bump to get off the board but locked it out strong.

Hope everyone's training is coming along well. I have a meet on Sept. 14th and everything seems to be going very well, and just wanted to share.