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Thread: New member forum, your already posted pics.

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    New member forum, your already posted pics.

    PLEASE pm me or any other mod if you have already posted a thread about your pics at Wannabebig.

    We will make sure the thread is moved to the members pics forum. Try not to repost pictures that have already been posted.

    Sure if you only posted as part of another thread thats fine, but if you started a thread simply to show people your pics pm us the link to have it moved.

    We will be working through them and moving them to the new forum.

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    Can you fly to my apartment, take pictures of me, then post them?

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    That is awesome that this board is getting a pics forum. Just another upgrade to the best site around.
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    I just wanted to say that this was my idea to begin with, and you should all be very greatful to have a member like me here.

    *now all we need is dumbbell post cout thingies and lose the drop down lists and I'll be happy.
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