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Thread: modified westside for raw lifter

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    modified westside for raw lifter

    Hi, I am currently using some of the west side training to increase my bench press which is my weakest link. It is as follows
    Max Effort bench day

    max effort exercies- incline bench, close grip, high rep dumbbell bench, ultra wide bench, rack lockouts, decline bench, I alternate between one of these exercises each week.
    JM press 3x3-5
    tricep pushdown 4x12
    dumbbell row 3x8-10
    dumbbell clean 3x12

    Dynamic bench
    9x3 @60 of 1rm three different grips within rings
    tricep barbell ext 4x12
    dumbbell ext 3x10
    chest supported row 3x10

    Will this routine work, or is there something that I should change. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Looks pretty good. I would drop the dynamic percentage down to 50 percent. Have someone time you and make sure all reps are done in less than 3 seconds.

    Also there is no need to do barbell and dumbell extensions on the same day. Just do 7 sets of 8 on dumbell extensions with 15 seconds rest one week and then do barbell the next week.

    Make sure you are alternating your accessory work every couple of weeks as well as alternating your M.E. work every week or so.

    Other than that. looks pretty darn good. Concentrate on getting faster and faster on speed day. The bar speed is much more important than the weight on the bar. If you are maxing 300, then put 150 up3 times in less than 3 seconds with the same force you would be exerting against a 300 lb bar.

    I would also strongly recommend you put in some rotator cuff work. Shoulder horn is great if you have one. Some miniband exersises for the rotator are a good substitute, or use light (5lb) dumbells for rotator work.



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