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Thread: Need help with strength routine...

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    Need help with strength routine...

    Here's the deal:

    I'd like to concentrate on improvements on the big three lifts: bench, deadlift, and squat. I wouldnt mind doing westside stuff but I think westside doesnt concentrate enough on full ROM movements because they use suits and/or shirts. My lifts are raw and I want to keep them that way (dont plan on using suits/shirts or the like). I've been using a push/pull/legs type of routine and made some gains off of that, but now I'd like something more focused on strength.

    About my lifts:

    My bench is 160 (yeah blows) and my weakness on the lift is definitely towards the bottom. Directly off chest it goes up and then a couple inches higher just stalls. If I get the bar halfway up, I always lockout.

    My deadlift is at 300. Just like my bench, my lockout is strong. The bar moves very slowly off the ground. If I miss a lift its either at the bottom or an inch or two off of the ground.

    My best squat was 240, but I wore pants that got tight around my legs and ass on the way down which probably helped me get out of the hole (like a suit I guess). But there was plenty of depth on the way down. Just like my other two lifts, I have trouble getting out of hole.

    I need help coming up with a routine that works around these lifts and focuses around my specific weaknesses. Thanks in advance.
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