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    test in analysis...

    I have been overweight/obese for past 8-9 years..I am 25 years old now..Last october I started working out and was at it till june of this year and followed a good diet.. I moved down on the scale from 288 to 254 in 9 months... I was in India this past month and had a health check up done.
    The following are the test results.

    age: 25
    weight : 116/40 Kgs

    Radio - Immunoassay

    Total Triiodothyronine(TT3) - 85.00 ng/dl
    Total Thyroxine(TT4) - 3.7 ug/dl
    Thyroid STI Hormone( TSH 3RD GEN.) - 6.20 ulU/ml
    Follicle Stimul. Hormone FSH) - 1.2 mlU/ml
    Lutensing Hormone(LH) - 3.3 mlU/ml
    Prolactin - 4.6 ng/ml
    Testosterone - 290.00 ng/dl
    Cortisol( evening) - 5.6 ug/dl
    serum insulin - 22.00 ulU/ml


    Blood Sugar( Fasting) 85.00 mg/dl
    Urine Sugar ( fasting) 0+
    Blood Sugar ( random) 104.00 mg/dl
    Urine Sugar( Random) 0+
    Serum Uric Acid 3.6 mg/dl

    Lipid Profile mg/dl
    Serum cholesterol 160.00
    Serum Triglycerides 100.00
    Serum HDL Cholesterol 37.00
    Serum LDL Cholesterol 103.00
    Serum VLDL 20.00

    Based on these test results I have been prescribed
    Thyrox (100mcg) in the morning before food
    Sibutrex (10mg) after food in the morning
    for 3 months.
    Does this sound ok. Are there any side effects with these medicines. any help in analysis of the results is appreciated. I would just like to know how off base the values in the test results are.


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    Jesus christ. That's pretty damn low testosterone for a 25 year old male. Your doctor didn't say anything about that??? Cholesterol looks okay, can't say much re: the thyroid panel since your doc covered it, but....

    I'd rather the Sibutrex be left out, and your doc do something about those awful test levels. 300-800 is "normal", but I would say a guy your age should have around 400-600 to feel all right. Mine are over 1,000ng/dl, for comparison.
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    Testosterone can be lowered if you are under stress. The conditions in India are a little worse than the US (or from wherever you are) so you were probably under some stress.

    i watched this show on the discovery channel about the army training their men on how to act if they would ever caught and became POWs. they treated them just like some other countries military would treat the soldiers. needless to say after a couple of days all of the men were shooting blanks.

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    Originally posted by Belial
    Mine are over 1,000ng/dl, for comparison.
    Just doing some searching and came upon this. Damn. Lucky bastard.

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    How do you find out your test levels if you just want to know?

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    ditto what exnor said. Is this a blood test typa thing?
    I haven't been to a dr in about 5 years I wouldn't even know where to begin! *LOL*

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    Originally posted by Belial
    Mine are over 1,000ng/dl, for comparison.

    A-ha! That makes sense. I remember in a previous (old) thread about genetic potentials you wondered how it was that Steve Reeves' size (at 215) was so impressive and yet you had achieved 220+ (now 240ish?) and about the same leanness.

    I'm pretty convinced that natural test levels have a huge impact on how much muscle you can carry. Which, of course, you've already thought about, but I really like typing out my thoughts.
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    I think the HDL Cholesterol number is low.... shouldn't it be above 40, maybe even as high as the mid 60s?

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    *sigh your test is low...

    ***goes back to watching pretty woman and crying....
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