I have been overweight/obese for past 8-9 years..I am 25 years old now..Last october I started working out and was at it till june of this year and followed a good diet.. I moved down on the scale from 288 to 254 in 9 months... I was in India this past month and had a health check up done.
The following are the test results.

age: 25
weight : 116/40 Kgs

Radio - Immunoassay

Total Triiodothyronine(TT3) - 85.00 ng/dl
Total Thyroxine(TT4) - 3.7 ug/dl
Thyroid STI Hormone( TSH 3RD GEN.) - 6.20 ulU/ml
Follicle Stimul. Hormone FSH) - 1.2 mlU/ml
Lutensing Hormone(LH) - 3.3 mlU/ml
Prolactin - 4.6 ng/ml
Testosterone - 290.00 ng/dl
Cortisol( evening) - 5.6 ug/dl
serum insulin - 22.00 ulU/ml


Blood Sugar( Fasting) 85.00 mg/dl
Urine Sugar ( fasting) 0+
Blood Sugar ( random) 104.00 mg/dl
Urine Sugar( Random) 0+
Serum Uric Acid 3.6 mg/dl

Lipid Profile mg/dl
Serum cholesterol 160.00
Serum Triglycerides 100.00
Serum HDL Cholesterol 37.00
Serum LDL Cholesterol 103.00
Serum VLDL 20.00

Based on these test results I have been prescribed
Thyrox (100mcg) in the morning before food
Sibutrex (10mg) after food in the morning
for 3 months.
Does this sound ok. Are there any side effects with these medicines. any help in analysis of the results is appreciated. I would just like to know how off base the values in the test results are.