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Thread: Which first ?

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    Which first ?

    I`m about to do a course of d/bol and sust, I was thinking of doing 4 weeks high vol, 1 week light full body workouts, then 4 weeks low volume then the remaining weeks 5 x 5...something along the lines of that. I`m aiming for hypertrophy, not bothered about strength. I seem to overtrain quite easily eg. any more than 6 sets for chest and I`m wasted for days.

    Now my question is shall I start off with the high volume work where I`m only taking the last set of each excercise to failure ( will this be enough to get max gains off the naps ? ) or low volume going to complete failure on all sets? I dont think i could do high volume and go to failure on every set.

    The reason I ask is i thought taking the AS would increase recovery and reduce the risk of overtraining, but someone pointed out to me that taking them doesnt neccessarily mean you can train with higher volume than usual and to keep training low volume while on. I want to take advantage of the first 4 weeks as thats when I`ll be taking the naps, so naturally I`m wanting to do high volume for a change and maybe shock the body a little.

    I`m currently training low volume so I thought it would do me good training high volume which I havent done in a high vol ( but not all to failure ) or low volume ( every set to failure ..6 sets larger 4 smaller )?

    Any ideas ??
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    I would train low volume and intensely. Your recovery will be far greater but the naps will probably take a good few days to kick in.

    Drink lots and lots of water and get good protein and carb consumption.

    You should find that you will start adding weight to all your lifts very soon.


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