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Thread: Blood Sugar...... Too low??

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    Blood Sugar...... Too low??

    ok I don't know much about blood sugar, but I've been really really tired the past week or so, and I have been getting adequate sleep, eating right, and exercising daily. So.... I got my blood sugar tested and it was 78, I don't know if age, weight, or height has anything to do with the level it should be or not, but I was just wondering if that's average or low or what. I thought it might be a little low also because I've heard that sweating is a symptom of low blood sugar, like excessive sweating, and I sweat a ton lately........ but I feel cold a lot of the time, does that make sense?

    anywayz, any repsonses would be appreciated.

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    Long answer:
    If it was 78 when they checked it, that doesn't mean it hasn't been lower at other times. It's generally accepted that 60-100 is a "normal" range. Some people are OK with a glucose near 60, but other people can't tolerate it being that low. I've seen people mentating pretty well with a glucose in the 40s, and I've seen people highly confused when it was a little under 70.

    Short answer: Don't know if 78 is OK for you or not. It would be interesting to know what it is when you're actually having the symptoms.


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