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Thread: Weekly split advice needed

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    Weekly split advice needed

    Currently I'm doing a 3 day split of Upper body on Mon and Fri and Lower body on Wednesday.

    Would there be any glaring advantages/disadvantages to going to a 5 day split divided by major body parts? (exp.-Back/bi's one day,Legs another)

    The second option would allow me better to isolate the muscles...but I'm doing ok on the first routine so far.

    Any advice? (yeah I'm knit picking)

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    If you current routine is giving you results why change it.. Like the saying goes if it aint broke dont fix it..
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    If you want to isolate, you could always meet yourself halfway and do a 4-day split rather than 5. I do Monday-Chest/Tri, Tuesday-Back/Bi, Thursday-Shouders, Friday-Legs. I was on WBB#1 routine but I didn't think 3 days was enough for me to make the gains I wanted to so I switched to this 4-day split. I think more than that I just wanted to go to the gym more
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