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Thread: Problem with apetite and another problem with night meals.

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    Problem with apetite and another problem with night meals.

    My problem is that always my apetite controls me instead of my motivation to be lean.Every day I say I am gonna watch out what I eat but I find my self once becoming hungry so much and eating anything.Another thing is if I control my apetite for the whole day at late night time I sneek to the fridge and eat fat loaded food.PLZ help me over come this prob.(BTW I am 15 if this has to do anything with answer).

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    If you are trying to drop bodyfat as I presume you are... there are many ways to go about accomplishing this via your diet and exercise. Checkout some of the articles at and do some searches.. there is a wealth of information here. You are going to have to start by mentally resolving yourself to change how you eat and what you do... once you get started it will get easier than actually starting.

    In response to your appetite question, that has alot todo with leptin and ghrelin, but without getting into that, a few ideas to help your night feeding problem is to drink lots of water and eat salads (fat free dressing)... or if you just have to eat something in the middle of the night, make it a half turkey sandwich or something like that. This will boil down to self-discipline.

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    A good first step towards controlling your diet is quantification. Take a lesson from the anorexic girls.

    Write everything down. Buy a food scale. Record every calorie you put into your body for a week. Get a spreadsheet program and record the grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat for each thing you put in your mouth.

    Don't try to alter your diet, just eat the way you normally would and record it all. This is a start towards identifying the specific problems with your diet.

    Do it long enough, and it'll become second-nature. You'll look at a beautiful piece of chicken breast and think "Huh. That's 18g of protein and 1.5g of fat."

    Sounds great, doesn't it?

    Yeah, I know. I'm not saying this is a particularly balanced or (psychologically) healthy way to be. But neither is compulsive eating coupled with guilt.

    Also, read this article.


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