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Thread: 20 Minute Cardio?

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    Ok. This is my question. Yea, I've been reading BFL - Just for some inspiration here. People say 30 minutes cardio is barely enough to burn a considerable amount of fat, yet I lost 70 lbs on it!

    Now what do you all think about the 20 minutes, breakneck interval training? Some of you will say no cardio at all, but it's hard for SOME of us to drop a considerable amount (15 lbs.) of bodyfat without it, or a 20 week diet.

    IMHO: 20 minutes bust ass > 30 minutes jerking around.

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    Typically the body won't start burning fat till after 20 minutes, that is if you're on an empty stomach. 20 minutes is the point where not only cardiovascular fitness adaptation begins to occur, but fat burning is just starting as well. Now there may be some fewls that say
    "What about 21 min? Or 22? or 23? What if I only go for 19 min? Will I burn fat then?"
    And I"ll still give'em the same answer. They may ask "How can 20 minutes be a magic number?" Well it is because years of research have been done on these two subjects and its been proven.
    I believe that 20 min. is the very least you should do for either of those purposes stated above. I recomend you go 30-40 minutes for your cardio workouts. Hope this helps some.

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    I'd give a answer but I'd be giving away next months article I am working on.
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    30 minutes is more than enough. I have lost 20 pounds doing 30 minutes of cardio.

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