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Thread: How long to rest after injury...

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    How long to rest after injury...

    As some of you know, I tore either a muscle or a ligament in my lower back just over 3 weeks ago doing bent over rows. It was one of those injuries that couldn't be ignored, so I went to the doctor and told me to keep working out, but not to do anything that severely affected that area. The one exercise that he mentioned by name was squats. He said that for an average, 30 year old man, the injury would take about 6 weeks to heal, but with me being younger and already exercising regularly, he wouldn't be surprised if it was healed in 3. So, now 3 weeks has come and gone and the pain is very minimal. There is still a lot of stiffness, though. So my question is, how freaking long do I have to wait to do squats again? This is killing me!

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    This is your back we're talking about. I would wait until the pain is gone, then start out light for the first few sessions. If you don't let it heal right it could turn into a chronic injury, its not worth the few extra weeks of training. Not to mention if you train while your back is weak you risk the chance of getting slipped disc, then you'll need surgery or live with somebody twisting a knife in your back for the rest of your life.
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    I am currently going through some lower back troubles myself...not enjoyable.
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