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Thread: How much weight to add to each set

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    How much weight to add to each set

    Does anybody pyramid up when they do their sets?If so how much weight do you add to each set?

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    I rarely pyramid up.....I find that it saps my strength for the heaviest sets, which are most important to me.
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    ditto about the wasted energy...I'll do one warm-up set and jump right to the heavy stuff, maybe do a drop set to fatigue the slow twitch fibers...

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    i use to always pyramid up 5-10lbs. for each set, but now i do only HEAVY sets using the same weight(like powermanDL avoid fatigue/failure)lowering my reps and set range allows me to focus more on lifting heavier weight.
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    I wish I could get away with just one warm up on bench, squat, dead....

    There is just no way for me. I have tried and my joints don't let me. It feels, well..... cold.
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    I'm with the others...

    I just warm up with the bar and jump straight to my 5x5 or the 1-2RMs... (depending on the routine I'm on..)

    I actually read somewhere (on this board) that you should pyramid upside down..

    warm up lightly/stretch
    then start off with 1-2rm, remove some weight, 5-6rm, remove some weight, and so on...

    don't forget that you gain strength by doing the HEAVY weight, so if you're looking to gain strength fast - there wouldn't be much point in doing anything over 7rm.. hence the reason I'm on the 5x5 routine now - HIGHLY recommend it.

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    Anyone pyramid up and then back down? I have done it my last two weeks and it is damn hard... I fell like it is doing something cause I am so tired and sore afterwards but it is too early to tell if I am making progress. Anyone try this and make any progress?
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    I pyramid down. I do a couple warm up sets for exercises like bench and squats then start out wth the heaviest set first and then taper down. Best results I have experienced are with using this method. When I first started lifting I did the pyramid up then after several months i did the pyramid up then back down. But starting out heavy and then going lighter and more reps has produced the best results thus far.


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